Monday, October 26, 2009

pause and reflect

[untitled, artist unknown. found in the stairwell of an apartment in the LES]

words escape me with this one, they really do. there is nothing that can be said that would ever provide the proper anecdote, explanation, justice and respect it deserves. all there is to do is cherish and enjoy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

give me pleasure give me pain

this post comes from the delight of sipping on a homemade double americano while still snuggled in my pillow top bed, counting down the moments until i have to go to work. here's some of my musical picks of the moment.

vampire weekend horchata
fever ray i'm not done
monsters of folk dear god (sincerly m.o.f.)
yeah yeah yeahs dull life
la roux in for the kill
dr. dog the breeze
wild beasts all the kings men

but there are some instructions to keep in mind with some of them. listen to horchata via headphones, this is very important. it is significantly more impressive this way. when experiencing i'm not done, it's key to be on-the-go somewhere, preferably walking to a desirable destination. as for dull life, just imagine me straightening clothes and adjusting hangers. wishing that my slow approaching death would take pity on me and put me out of my misery.
[random photo courtesy of teal]

Monday, October 19, 2009

boots and fists to pound on the pavement

a somewhat mysterious picture post because tomorrow i start my internship at david zwirner gallery, and i don't quite know what to expect. i'm both excited and anxious, and even though i am uncertain about the day to come, i do know that i will be figuring it all out whilst wearing these new booties. loooooove.
hitch a ride booties by chelsea crew from dalaga

Sunday, October 11, 2009


in art mode. preparing myself for another art gallery internship interview. hoping i don't jinx myself by yammering about it. but a while ago, during the hours of internet scouring and countless image encounters, i stumbled upon this drawing [below], which i believe is by mel bochner. and i was flabber-ghasted by it's familiarity to some of my own drawings [above]. particularly, the large drawing i did (which of course i didn't photograph before i moved) that was of my line drawings, as seen above, but on tracing paper layered on top of one another.
i find it interesting because i tend to be somewhat disconnected from the fine art world, so i just create what i do because it's interesting to me. and then, after i am feeling confident about my stride i discover that someone else of prestige is working in the same realm. i have yet to decide whether or not this is something i should be upset about; that i am far from original, or that, because i was unaware at the moment, that it's a kind of validation that my ideas and interests are worth while. but i guess everyone is a compilation of things they've experienced and very rarely is anyone 100% authentic and original. i suppose that is my back-handed, mildly optimistic, viewpoint of the day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

kent street

is the route i take to walk to "the garden," the delightful organic market where i do my grocery shopping. there is something striking about the white building with the vibrant yellow and orange flowers. its stark and crisp and mimicked the early windy fall day i was experiencing. and i love how the brick buildings stagger in height, creating a lovely negative space with the sky. i want to take more photos of my neighborhood, but this digital camera situation is quite unfortunate. and as of right now i don't have the funds for my desirable film photography practice. whaaah waa.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sneak peak

just a few from the jazz age lawn festival on governors island. with a digital camera on the fritz, only a couple pics were snapped. although, lets be honest, a digital camera is definitely not appropriate for such an affair. everyone was decked out and dazzled on the dance floor in their finest gatsby duds, whilst sipping on elderflower cocktails, learning the charleston, grooving ot live tunes, and participating in the tug-o-war competition. can you spot me? holgas to come, hopefully sooner rather-than-later.
[this photo courtesy of metromix]

Thursday, October 1, 2009

twice as nice

stopped to take a glance at the source of noise while on an early autumn walk from greenpoint to williamsburg. just a huge crane pounding steel posts into the ground, i wonder how that affects church service over yonder.
unfortunately these pictures do no justice. the fever ray concert was la merda. my camera died after taking these two solo photos, sono triste. basically the whole venue was filled with fog so all you could see were the silhouettes of swedes in cult-like garb, consisting of a forest-y hunchback creature and pointed cloth caps. the lamps pulsed to the beat casting a yellow glow which, oddly enough complemented nicely with the insane lazer blaze. this one was a top fiver, most definitely. and this is why, like i've said a million times before, the swedes are better than us.
other worldly
a pool i'd happily drown
the corner park on atlantic in boerum hill, on the block of my sweet lulu's place of employment. always in agreement with some sickly stylized deers.
"merrrrrr" or whatever noise a deer makes.