Sunday, June 28, 2009

shed your love

orcutt road, edna valley
my time on the central coast has run its course. although i have yet to grow completely restless of it's charm and loveliness, it is time to move along and to, ahem, expose myself to somewhere new. to stroll down new streets, perch on new porches, inhabit new coffee shops and bars, and lounge in new parks. san luis (and surrounding towns) i bid you adieu, and give you baci. grazie mille for the memories.

valencia peak, los osos
p.s. listening to a lot of grizzly bear and the complilation album, "dark was the night" courtesy of my main man, kyle w.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

so cool

otto dix self-portrait, 1912
[i want that haircut]

Thursday, June 4, 2009


ok, so i wanted to post a sampling of a few of my drawings from my series that were part of my senior project... and i'm going to. with an explanation about their presentation in the digital world. there is just this border that i wanted to get rid of that was purposeful to my portfolio, but when i crop that biz down, well, it gets all crazy. and part of me thinks that it looks interesting, i don't know if more interesting though.

real doe with unnecessary info for portfolio purposes vs. xray doe

awkward pen and ink woman vs. awkward x-ray woman

dead boar vs. deader boar
what you be thinking about this digital computer interference?
[more artwork to come]

Monday, June 1, 2009

i have been gone a while, but that does not mean i have left

[concerned kelly]
double-exposed in dolores park
[park dwelling people]

double-exposed driveway

[mirrored models, betsi and teal]
double-exposed expeditions

yes, i have been negligent, but that does not mean i have abandoned. now that i am on the brink of graduating, the bfa exhibition under my belt, paper near completion, i can channel some time and energy into some writing, exploring, sharing, etc. to avoid the responsibilities of the real world that await.

bear with me on this one folks, once i've warmed up a bit, the cheesy photo captions will dissipate. hopefully.