Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the adoption

i could say i am giving this blog life, but seeing as how i don't ever want any part of the bearing/birthing process, i'll say i'm adopting the blogging lifestyle. i started this blog for an assortment of reasons. 1.) as a means to look for and open my eyes to interesting things, in fashion, art, culture, music, etc. and to make connections between those things i love, and to discover and search for things i could potentially love; meaning to find cool stuff/words/anything. 2.) to write more often and 3.) honestly, so that i feel a little less guilty about all the time i spend on the information superhighway, or maybe just turn it into something a little more productive.

who knows exactly how it will turn out, but where's the fun in a plan?

why deer doe fawn? well, i have my "bambi on ice" moments, but guaranteed to be awkward, long-legged, female, and young.

ciao ciao, con baci!