Thursday, August 28, 2008

dusk on the central coast

it's a beautiful sight to behold, the rolling hills that eventually run into the ocean, the tree appears, only to become a silhouette, yet the wires never disappear

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i'm listening

to this right now. i particularly love the xylophone usage. and especially the song titled "death to los campesinos!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

easily overwhelmed

my daily regimen of searching for and discovering inspirational things seems to be more hurtful than helpful; i become overwhelmed with possibilities, aesthetics, and seemingly more intriguing people and things that i feel i can never compete with... so rather than trying to compete i simply don't. this is not how i wish to lead my life, so i'm going to try to just do what i do and hope it's satisfying, and, if i can venture to be optimistic, maybe even good.
[self portrait circa '06, still applicable]

Saturday, August 16, 2008

alternate means, part one

tandem bicycle, one of many alternative ways to get around town
my friend kyle can go it alone, but two at a time is ideal
ciao ciao loves

reminds me

of yesterday. woke up to the thunder of a sweet summer storm.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

sun flares, summer scheming

from berlin to california, can you feel the heat?
berlin memories
our own shadow puppets in the park
front yard hedge
so long, farewell [cassie]
always a blur [trevor]
when the air cools down, the dancing gets hot
new house
old ghosts
ciao ciao

Monday, August 11, 2008

early summer, late fall

i got experience one city twice. once in november, once in june.
copenhagen, denmark.
linear, simple, and organic
assistens graveyard, saying hello to hans christian andersen

louisiana museum of modern art
easily one of my favorite places in the world, so i went twice.
plenty of grass to sit on and take in the seaside cliff side view, and take a mini nap
a phenomenal show, lucian freud
loosely translated "picture at night, fallen down on the belly"
and richard avedon
incredible fashion photography, self-portraits, and everything in between
andy warhol's factory, immensely impressive

both artists are must sees if ever, and when ever possible.

ciao ciao, con baci

Thursday, August 7, 2008

after a year

i found there is really only one necessary place to shop in florence, société anonyme. it's a clothing concept store near san ambrogio, a more obscure part of town that tourists generally don't go. they're outfitted with simple, quirky, well made merchandise from designers in sweden, denmark, france, and beyond. pick up a holga camera, play with the gold fishes, say hello to massimo, and of course if you spot my darling stefano through the window, (most likely sporting a new pair of vintage ray ban glasses) give him un bacione for me. and be ready to buy black, oooh how the italians love black.
gram shoes, for the lucky gents out there, although i fancy a sleek high top myself

they also carry freitag bags there. but don't fret, you can get "the cooper" or "the bob" or "the leland" online too. freitag
however, one's eye does tend to wander when presented with ruby red sequined miu miu delicacies in piazza republica

ciao ciao! con baci

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

not so far away lands

once you finally get out into the world, you realize how small it really is; simply everywhere is just a plane ride away. i spent the last year "studying" across the atlantic, specifically florence, italy. and seeing as how the earth is quite small, i managed to fit in a couple of trips here and there; these are some of the places i went, and things i found.

edinburgh, scotland.
[it's not hard to take enchanting photos here, edinburgh just is.]

dolce and gabbana is NOT a scottish label [i'm aware that they are uber italiano, not to mention i am normally am not a huge fan] however, i could imagine flouncing about the daffodil laden meadows in one of these tartan beauties from the fall/winter '09 collection.

the red door is quite precious. it's a gallery, it's a store, it's fantastic. i'm regretful that i didn't buy the laurie hastings suki purse, and practically all of their jewelry; like the allira tee "roar" brooch, or the me and zena rainbow keyhole necklace, etc. etc. etc.

their blog is fun too the red door gallery

stockholm, sweden.

hands down, the most beautiful people in the world reside in this city, and not to mention have impeccable style.

monki. cheap/tasty thrills abound in this swedish label. unfortunately, they are only available for purchase in their motherland, so i'll just have to reminisce while clutching onto this jazzy lace tank and mid rise coral skinny jeans. the foamy green color is quite dashing as well.right now i'm all about the mini skirt. preferably mid to high waisted, possibly with a semi-cropped blouse. throw a big cardigan on top, maybe some tights on the bottom, and i'm out the door.

and of course some bike shorts for good measure. monki

vagabond shoes has a delightful collection of classic style shoes w/ a bit of funk and edge. the chunky but intriguing shape of the heels are lovely, and i bought a pair patent black lace up pointy mannish dress shoe flats. perfect for a night of serious dancing, perhaps at the club/bar under the bridge... vagabond

a visit to the moderna museet
women's bathroom

saw the exhibition "eclipse, art in a dark age"
some of my favorite works were by ellen gallagher

and dana schutz
my thoughts on the show: quite good. i've seen schutz before (via internet, slideshow, etc.) but in person, it is fantastic.

i'm picky when it comes to high priced eyewear. meet karen walker.i'll take the "trixie" in brown please, minus the swedish kroner to dollar exchange rate, thanks. karen walker eyewear

someone carved this into a random light near the parliment building...
[ain't that the truth.]

ciao ciao, con baci!