Wednesday, November 12, 2008

similar hues?

i very much like this sort of thing
courtesy of harry malt, artist via the selby, voyeur extraordinaire

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

between november 10th and 11th

tonight the moon is quite bright. it illuminates the normally blindingly dark path from the alley to the door. all the stars have a faint and subtle hint of blue, piercing though the crisp and still air. it is funny yet startling, how the weather, something so mundane, beautiful, and cliché to discuss, can affect ones mind, body, and heart. the way the sharpness of a cold clear night air evokes the urge to bundle underneath your warmest blanket and to never move again, to scrutinize every choice you have ever made, and to finally accept the soreness of your joints. or how it can inspire night walks, down a deserted street, through a deserted park, under a deserted gazebo, where you feel paranoid, yet free with every click from the heel on your boot, through a once familiar city. upon returning through the eerily silent streets, searching for the light through the gap between the door and the porch, where the substitue for warmth resides, my mind lingers, but more accurately, returns, as always, to thoughts of you.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

going to a town

new york city, center of the universe, times are shitty, but it could be worse. or something along those lines. the latest trip from "home" was to nyc. saw some stuff, ate some stuff, listened to some stuff, drank some stuff, photographed some stuff, and on and on, forever and ever, amen.
stuff #1: statue of liberty
stuff #2: old subway cars, apparently they just get dumped out at sea
stuff #3: the brooklyn bridge
stuff #4: this photo doesn't exactly translate how i wished it would, but the way the light hit her hand and cane brought out every wrinkle and crack beautifully
stuff #5: reflections of the moma
stuff #6: it panes me
stuff #7: the park
wish i was still there now

Monday, November 3, 2008

two at a time

an in progress list of a manifestation of my state of mind via tunes, by real artists:
"atlanta" & "love in ruins" by french kicks
"sentimental heart" & "change is hard" by she & him
"hanging high" & "dance dance dance" by lykke li
"godspeed" & "trying my best to love you" by jenny lewis
...and for good measure
"all i need" & "how to disappear completely" by radiohead
"a line allows progress, a circle does not" & "i will be grateful for this day" by bright eyes